Where do you put the a/c?

My wife Stephanie in addition to I are thinking about moving down south this next early wintertime. This month I have gotten our resume replaced in addition to a system to apply while I am down there, and she is looking at bizarre apartments that the people I was with and I could live in pretty nicely. The two of us are not made of a lot of currency in addition to it is luxurious down south. So the people I was with and I are going to have to be creative on where the people I was with and I rent and how big of space. So, right now Stephen has his heart set on this small home that is less than a mile away from the beach boardwalk.  Really being near the beach in addition to the beach bars would rock, but also the home has a bit or property too. I could totally work out right there! The concern is that the home is super tiny for all our stuff! Our study room would be quite small in addition to the home office in addition to kitchen are basically the same room. How are the people I was with and I going to fit all of our stuff? Also the home does not have any Heating in addition to Air Conditioning. Since it is the south, the people I was with and I are not too distraught about any type of heating. But what about AC for the high temperatures? Most air conditioning systems look huge. Our tiny home could not have a huge air conditioning system unit. All of us could have a ductless mini split air conditioning system perhaps. The concern is that type of cooling unit is really luxurious. All of us already would be paying a lot of currency in rent in addition to moving expenses too. A ductless air conditioning system device is not in the budget. I wonder if window air conditioning systems are feasible for the area at all. I bet the people I was with and I would not have to get too multiple with how small the home is for cooling.

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