Air conditioning is working super well

Though some might not realize it, I have a huge tendency to procrastinate often. Some would say that I am a frequent and habitual procrastinator. I am sure there are some people that procrastinate for more often, but I am sure there aren’t a ton. I just like to spend my time doing the things that I love instead of the everyday necessities. I typically end up accomplishing our things on time, but it’s just accomplished at the last possible second. However, the final product is always professional and done with quality care. Occasionally I will make a goal to start on things early, but I just grow distracted & sidetracked by the multiple things I would rather be doing to enjoy myself. I also do my job incredibly proficiently under pressure, so having that bonus amount of pressure of a deadline seems to work for me. One major quagmire I recently had was making sure that our apartment was ready for a family member to be going to see us soon. Since I am rarely at my apartment, I didn’t realize until this week that my air conditioner wasn’t working properly. My relative was coming during the hottest season of the year, and it had to be fixed. I called a certified heating & a/c professional to service our unit just the afternoon before he was to get at our apartment, and luckily, they were able to show up that day and completely revamp our HVAC unit. I was honestly thrilled, since I did not want to be horrified for not having a working A/C plan for him to cool off.