HVAC for our 90s house

My fiance and I bought an fairly seasoned condo just last year as an experiment. The condo was in a great popular neighborhood which had become unquestionably the hip place to be in the last five years.  We were desperate to fit in and wanted to be hip as well. We loved the idea of being able to walk to some restaurants and events nearby to save the environment on car fuel. The condo was a fixer upper for sure, but at this time in our life we thought it would be a great investment for our future wedding. And with great salaries and very secure jobs, it was something every one of us honestly wanted to do right now.  One of the first things that needed done at the fixer upper condo was to update the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C system. It had once been a coal furnace if you can imagine that. Now, honestly, we thought this right away, as there still was a seasoned coal shoot in the basement and remnants of coal dust scattered all over the the floor of the basement. We were informed that the unit had been updated by a gas forced air unit sometime in the 1950s we thing. So, the new unit was unquestionably installed in the late 1990s if not later than that.  It functioned, though that didn’t say much for it as it was not reliable. We had already spent a bunch of our budget for many service calls since buying the house and were concerned. It was time for a new state of the art energy efficient gas furnace which could do the job of heating this old condo, and were ready for the install. When we had noticed numerous cold spots in the condo, as well there were serious drafts near the windows and outside doors, we knew we had our work instore for us. My fiance called in a local Heating, Ventilation, & A/C business that some of our neighbors had proposed, so that soon we had a method for installing a brand new furnace to fix our problem fast  The day of the upgrade finally came with the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C business crew promptly arriving into our basement to dismantled our old until and thankfully hauled it away. The new unit was a fraction of the size of the seasoned unit, which I loved. It was shiny, but at the same time it looked strong sitting in our basement on its own. By the end of the day, every one of us had great moderate air flowing from all our air ducts and the condo felt so comfortable, we had no regrets.

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