HVAC for the lake

A year ago I inherited a little condo on the lake not far from my home from a former client of mine.  It came to me from this client whom I had helped a great deal with business over the years free of charge. He was such a nice old man.  He told me about all the great times he remembered at the condo decades of summers ago. Sadly, he had not been to get to the condo in years due to health complications from a stroke. After all the paper works was signed, dated and  I was able to take legal possession of the cabin, I drove down to check it out. This was in the early springtime when the weather was still cool as well as quite crisp. The condo looked as he described it to me, although a bit more worn than a bit springy.  I made a mental note to paint certain rooms as soon as possible. The inside of the condo was musty and hoards of dust were everywhere. This was a summer season home for certain and really not meant to be used all year round from first glance. There was an ancient seasoned cooling system still installed in a window that looked out of a horror movie. He had remembered evenings at the condo when it was sweltering hot told me how he could not sleep in the cabin.  He shared how he had added the window AC unit a few years before he had his stroke and quit coming down here. The condo was only about 650 square feet or so. I am pretty sure that only had a family room and then room in the living room for cots or air mattresses were from the original design. That is where he told he had slept when he visited. There honestly wasn’t a Heating, Ventilation, & A/C system for this cabin that I could discover. No furnace was available and only a window AC that didn’t feel like it was putting off much.  I knew that I would not be able to come down every weekend with my work schedule, so I didn’t see the need for a furnace or central air. I purchased a bigger window cooling system that was energy efficient and fit the design much better than what was there. I thought to reason that I would not need it every time every one of us came down, but I would find it to be nice to have on those times we were hanging at the cabin. Now all I needed to consider was getting a boat to enjoy the dock!