HVAC per the month

We are now in late April and Easter just passed, a cold Easter at that. Across much of the country, it is still bitter cold, although I live way down south by the beach and it is lovely. Here, the people I was with and I are getting ready for May Day which big around here with all of the flowers, as well as the weather reflects that joyful time for everyone. I used to have a roommate who used quite a bit of hot water for her showers as well as thought little of turning on the A/C while simultaneously having an open door instead. Between his use of the water heating system as well as the HVAC, he was a pricey roommate that I regretted much later. He paid a flat rent amount as well as did not have to contribute to the heating as well as cooling costs or other weekly expenses, which was bad on second thought. It worked out nice for me in ways, however the first utility bill I got after he left was reduced by $60 to which was a nice surprse. That was wonderful! I have not used the heating as well as cooling since then, so I expect my utility bill will be even lower this week and it is as if a game now. Turning off the HVAC for a week at a time to experiment with savings is fantastic! The money I am going to save on my utility bills is going to be put toward this sizable dental bill I am wracking up right now. I have more than 2 root canals to get done soo, which of course constantly means more than 2 dental trips as well as sizable costs for the pain meds I need with no insurance. I also was forced to go to the oral surgeon at good expense, so saving money by turning off the HVAC for a week at a time is the only place I can save money right now. That is the joy of living in the south I think for the most part as up north there are still endless storms as well as I am sure the oil furnaces are toiling away trying to keep their owners warm enough. I’m sure the heating system oil is being sucked up prefer absurd as well as the fireplaces are blazing.