Kicking back with the a/c system

When it comes to people finding the right way to relax for themselves, I have recently researched how unique each person can be when it comes to their own specifications. Some enjoy just have it as simple sitting down on the back porch with a good read, while others find a nice meal from the local diner to be suffice. But, there are always those who will plant themselves down in front of the television in order to lose themselves into someone else’s imagination and twisted relaties. I have sister in laws who perpetually bake from cakes to cookies all day long, but then you have my mother who is all about the spa. Personally, I  will spend a day at home that’s all about taking care of my body, mind and spirit needs. I turn on the AC just high enough, so my home is fairly cool and a comfortable temperature. Then I cook up a delicious breakfast I don’t normally cook. Lastly, my favorite part is that I run myself a nice sizzling bath full of essential oils and sweet stinking soaps in my jacuzzi bathtub. The powerful jets help to relieve any tension in my muscle, the soaps and oils keep an attractive glow on my skin. So, then when the cool air from the air conditioner hits my face it is a wonderful nice contrast to the sizzling water in the tub I am sitting in. And, if it gets too cold, with a press of a button on my temperature control remote in my hand that I can turn my AC settings without ever having to get out of my perfect  tub. I tend to soak until I’m all pruney and worn out, enjoying my fancy bath before climbing out and being greeted with the cool a/c all over my tender skin, helping myself to know a wonderful rejuvenated self. After my hot bath I wrap myself up in my coziest robe from IKEA, which makes everything perfect as I sit in the a/c. Sometimes it can be too much to even wear it in the heat, but it’s perfect for cuddling into when there’s a slight chill to the air to which I had the courtesy of my AC. Afterwards, I spend the day doing all the odds and ends on my list in the comfort of my own home. Maybe I read, maybe I watch TV, or maybe I just decide to spend the entire afternoon sleeping in. Really, whatever I do, it’s all for myself and my relaxation that I take great care in monitoring.

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