No sport with heating

My husband, John and I watched the Wintertime Olympics this past season.  We both enjoyed it very much. We were a little confused as to why people from warmer countries would choose a Wintertime sport.   Why somebody who lives in a tropical location want to try bobsled? Why are men figure skating instead of swimming? Why head up the ski lift or snowboard, when you could  be inside a venue with A/C? John and I can’t figure it out. We don’t get why anybody would pursue a Wintertime athletic interests. The skiers must get up super early in the morning to go out on the slopes.  They always need to dress for the cold conditions, in many layers, so they can tolerate the cold temperatures and wind at the top of a mountain. Do you have any clue how cold it gets up on a mountain when the snow is blowing around ? They must be crazy to compete in such icy conditions, on the coldest peak, without any sort of heating. I would be so miserable and cold. There is no little area with space heaters to warm them up.  There’s no thermostat to adjust or gas furnaces to stand near. The athletes can get out of the wind, but that is it. They spend a lot of time waiting and plus then perform a ski event that last around 2 minutes. They train their whole lives in the cold. They must really appreciate a good heating system whenever they have access to it. It must feel like heaven when they’re all done for the day and have access to a thermostat.  I bet they huddle right up close to the heater. Or maybe they adjust to cold temperatures and don’t require as much heating as the rest of us.

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