Setting the thermostat on the plane

I don’t know anyone who really does love to travel. If you can afford it, you can’t pass it up!  However, I don’t care for flying on airplanes as much as others do. I always get myself totally stressed out right before I have to get on the plane. See, knowing that it’s going to be a long flight, I consider something terrible could happen.  I suppose I’m just a worrier in that way, although I can’t help it. Planes are so cramped these days that most of the time I can never seem to get any sort of good sleep while traveling on them, let alone work. Another thing that makes it hard for me to fly is the lack of temperature conditions control on almost every plane I’ve flown on even in First Class.  It’s either way too overheated for me or then the air conditioner vent isn’t even working. Then it is the air conditioner on way too high circulating germs and I can’t turn it off. Long flights are the best for me, because they easily offer you so much more like a little blanket and a pillow to be comfortable. But, when stuck on shorter flights, they are just a nightmare! Often I find myself wishing that airplanes had zone control on them like in our house, and that way each person on that flight could have their own personal thermostat setting. That would be so amazing that I would never have to worry about being too hot or too frigid ever again.  The last long flight I was on I was counting on the little blanket they were suppose to hand me as I sat down, though it never came! I was easily frigid the whole flight plus there wasn’t a hour while we were in that flight that the air conditioner wasn’t blasting down on me. I was cheerful when we finally landed at our destination to get out of there, now I will always carry my own blanket for situations care about that.

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