The ad for a heater and a/c device

For whatever reason, from the hours of ten to midnight, my favorite television channel is obsessed with showing heating & A/C advertisements. The channel is a local channel, and I suppose that they must take heating & A/C quite seriously. Every other commercial seems to be for a different HVAC company and I didn’t even know there were that many in this area! I had only ever heard of so many Heating & A/C companies around us.  the one that my dad works for the does maintenance on our HVAC system every few months, but apparently there are a multitude of HVAC companies, and all of them are vying for our business. One of these HVAC companies professes to be the oldest in the area and thus thinks that I should do business with them for that reason. Another business claims to be the most energy efficient in our area, and says that I should trust my heating & A/C to their  expertise. yet another one of these HVAC businesses claims to have the best service in the area, though they do not provide any substantial reasons! Another HVAC supplier claims to be the cheapest, and says that they will clean HVAC duct for free! Of course, I could go on and on! heating & A/C commercials are becoming sort of a joke with my family. We place bets on which company’s commercial will come on next, and with all of these choices, I am sure that everyone looking for an HVAC business is overwhelmed! I am quite happy that I already have an  HVAC business that I know and trust, so that I do not have to worry about choosing one.

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