Won’t get rid of the old a/c units

If you are a packrat type of person, who might not want to see this post. I like collecting things as much as the next person, but there are limits to these things, and the cable shows about hoarders are a unbelievable example of people who take it too far, and my Aunt Mary was a hoarder taken to the serious level, but finally she managed to get free of it which took professional help, and she realized her home had become a disorganized garbage dump. She hired myself and some others to totally empty all of the junk from her site. It was hot work, it being the middle of summer season, and Aunt Mary did not have a really working A/C unit. The central Heating and Air Conditioning plan in her home had not worked in years, which we suddenly found out that it had stopped really working because all of the air vents had been removed, and the air ducts filled with the things she was hoarding. We cleaned out all the air ducts first, but the central A/C was still broken and would need work, so every one of us just kept on really working and perspiring. Then my friends and I got a huge surprise down in the basement where one of my friends found an old A/C unit, the box style kind that you mount in a window! And then another friend found another air conditioner and then we found a third! We took them upstairs to test them out, and while a couple of the A/C units would not work, the third  worked perfectly. With even a little air conditioner, the rest of the house clean out went a lot easier.

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