Zoned HVAC equipment

My hubby’s great aunt and great uncle have a hands down nice, though one would say unquestionably large beach house that they built from the ground up a while back.  It took about a year or two if I am remembering correctly, for them to complete it. Honestly, because they had list of special requests with their current construction team that it took quite a while for the builders to get their specifications perfect.  The first time we opted to go for a short visit was over a major holiday, thanksgiving. It was starting to get a little cold where they live as well. I walked inside their beach house was perfectly lovely and comfortable with a fire going in the fireplace, combined with the heat pumping full blast through those air ducts.  After lunch, I always care about to take a short nap, so I went upstairs to the special guest room in hopes of taking a rest. However, as I walked up the stairs I noticed it was incredibly hot for anyone to sleep! All the heat had risen to the upstairs dining room, plus they didn’t have zone control so the temperature wasn’t being monitored there at all.  I was shocked, because my aunt and uncle had all the top of the line appliances, especially a Heating and Air Conditioning unit. I would have thought they would go with the zone control as well! I went back downstairs to the living room because our nap wasn’t happening in that hot room upstairs, I was quickly informed that they had planned on getting zone control installed soon. It just hadn’t been an option to do it yet! I was relieved, because I don’t suppose I would be able to stay with them over night if the thermostat was not able to be monitored for each room as I have in my home.  Next time I suppose I’ll be perfectly comfortable napping at their site!

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