AC system is totally abused

I have been trying my best lately to get in great shape! I’m about 5 pounds over my recommended weight range, although I still am trying to alter my lifestyle for the better. The first way I am doing this is by changing my diet. I have tried to take in less sugar, fried things, plus red meat. In the place of that, I have been eating plenty of fruits plus vegetables. I have also been getting plenty of good exercise. Every other day, I spend over an hour on the treadmill in our spare room. I keep it there because it is in the best location right beneath an air vent. This allows me to adjust the thermostat plus get the a/c flowing before I start my workout. Being able to exercise in a temperature controlled space is important to me. I get boiling honestly easily, so when I decided to change my routine up, I knew that I needed to have the treadmill in a place where I could make maximum use of our a/c machine. Many people don’t have the additional space for workout equipment, plus that’s why they have gym memberships–to keep from having to run in the boiling weather everytime they exercise. As long as our A/C machine is running well, I believe that I will be able to stay on this entirely new healthy track for a really long time. My aim is to lose 25 pounds this year plus then maintain my weight after that time. I actually hope that I will be able to get to my important goal in that amount of time!

ac maintenance