Bad service from the HVAC dealership

Few things in the world get under my skin like snooty retail clerks. In our day and age, when the internet has taken away the business of so many stores, the only thing brick and mortar stores have left to offer is customer service. Good customer service is one of the few things a website can’t give you. When I go into a store, or call up a company, and get a poor attitude from the person working, I get mad. Because I am in middle age, I have no desire to hold my tongue, and usually I let them have it right then, or talk to a manager. But when it comes to something like an HVAC system service contract, complaining doesn’t do much good. When I moved into this house, I knew full well that the central HVAC system was over ten years old. It was a very good model of furnace, slightly less so the AC unit, but I knew without constant care I would need to replace the whole system very quickly. That is why I contacted a local heating and cooling dealership and signed up for an annual service contract. With this contract, I got two visits to inspect and tune up my HVAC system and check it for problems. Every single time I call with a question or an HVAC request, the person answering the phone gives me attitude. I have already complained about this to the HVAC contractor who owns the place, but the clerk is his son so nothing is being done about it.

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