Bike rider and a/c

During my younger afternoons, I was always touring as an avid cyclist. I had teaching duties for the year completed, which meant lots of time to use my bicycle plus pedal way across the vast country. And all of June plus July are months, I spent time searching for any Adventure that I could find. During one particular tour, I was cycling during the hottest types of afternoons ever. It was 105 miles at on even temperatures throughout the desert. Most of the daily temperatures were easily topping out around a hundred and six degrees. Most people were reaching the destination one by one, which was a small desert neighborhood. There was a single Motel available, but all I really wanted was half of a gallon of iced tea plus a nice shower. When I finally got back to the motel room plus stepped into the doorway, I was happy to feel the cold relief of air conditioning. I used the A/C unit to help blow some freezing air right into my Hair Plus skin. The amount of relief from the A/C was intense. The conclusion of the race would be held the next day, so I made sure to keep the A/C at a comfortable level all night long. There were still 22 Mi of writing on the next afternoon, plus it would be clear that the desert life would make all of us feel like the temperatures were well above a hundred for every moment of our long 22 Mile Journey. It was one of the best places for an avid cyclist, plus everyone had fun.

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