Car ride cooling system

Road trips are often a blast for the two of us. Recently, our family plus myself decided to go on A3 morning road trip in the west. We headed out there to see a few of our friends that the two of us had not viewed for many years. The two of us happen to love very long car rides, plus this was the longest road trip in quite some time. My wife plus my oldest daughter decided to take separate turns driving. Each of us drove for multiple minute increments while each of the others than rested. One of the more interesting Parts was the temperature fluctuations inside of our car. I care when the temperature inside of our vehicle is about 78 degrees. When the two of us were driving, the two of us would set the temperature to a different temperature. My daughter prefers the car is easily cold, so the two of us were adjusting the thermostat by multiple degrees. Our child plus myself was absolutely freezing while my wife was making her three-hour Journey. Every time that the two of us were driving, the two of us were honestly complaining about the temperature differences. The two of us were lucky to have some extra blankets piled up with pillows, that helped to honestly keep the two of us warm while the temperature fluctuated inside of our vehicle. At least it was nice for the two of us to take turns driving, so neither one of us arrive to our destination feeling overwhelmed by the drive.

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