Cooling system in our desert

When the two of us lived in the Great Southwest, the two of us were honestly accustomed to dry as well as hot temperatures. The desert seem to cry into the 100 degree range on a respected basis. Made cooling down honestly pretty easy. I invested in a pretty nice heating as well as A/C component that heavily relied on an evaporative cooling program. It worked pretty well, despite using a lot less energy than many other forced air components. Imagine how surprised I happen to be, when I found a log cabin near the southeast that used the same principle. Evaporative coolers always work when the climate is pretty hot as well as dry, because they provide cool as well as moist air to help cool down the log cabin. When that type of system is set up in a humid area, the heating as well as A/C component doesn’t work as well. That seems to be why most people in the South honestly stick to multiple forced air components. I now have a sizable evaporative cooler that really doesn’t help me at all, now that the two of us have honestly moved into the multiple areas of the southeast. It doesn’t help the A/C component at all in our Log Cabin, as well as the two of us our scrambling to find a way to get our A/C component to be more efficient. The temperatures in the South are just as warm as in the desert, but the two of us haven’t found an effective way to help with the indoor air quality in our Log Cabin.