HVAC for playing indoors

For years I have been following pretty much the same football team. I started following their games when I moved to the town where they are located. I always try to make it out to see a couple of games in person every single season. I usually have to get seats that are fairly high up in the stadium because they are affordable. An associate of mine offered to let me come along plus rest in a box with him while watching the game. I was enthusiastic because we were going to be hit with some chilly weather, plus I knew that sitting in the box with the gas furnace running would make it feel perfectly warm! When the two of us arrived, I went directly to the temperature control plus got the oil furnace running at the right temperature. While others had to get through the chilly plus snowy weather, my associate plus I were in perfect comfort. The box seats were truly a rare treat. He explained that he buys them once a year in the coldest period of the year, plus now I understand why he does that. If I could watch every game live with the gas furnace cranked up, I absolutely would. I enjoyed that game so immensely because I was there in person separate from having to leave a comfortable, temperature controlled area. Perhaps one of these days when I strike it rich I will buy season tickets that allow me to watch each game from a nice box. It’s such a great set-up, but sitting there could make anybody, even someone who has never cared much for athletic hobbying events, enjoy football!