HVAC making a difference

Have you ever watched a show called My Strange Addiction on TLC? If not, let me summarize for you.  A very lonely 45-65 year old social malcontent either reveals their odd love for an inanimate object or they might reveal their life-long need to eat something totally gross plus probably toxic.  That show is on TV and these people insist that not a thing is wrong with their lifestyle, it is just science and modern society that are dumb, and that is crazy. Until I watched that show, I had never seen a grown person slowly humping a purple corolla as he talks real sweet to the side view mirror. Although I must admit, my apartment heating and cooling equipment and I have a very special relationship, however, in no way am I downstairs romancing our oil furnace or trying to get romantic with our air conditioning unit.  However, I’m the only person that our ventilation system responds to. From the very day I moved into this house, I’ve been the only one capable of changing the thermostat settings. Not only does our particular HVAC unit refuse to respond to the touch of anyone else, periodically the temperature control pad itself will give a little shock to them upon contact! All my friends and family have expressed their deep dislike with that finicky heating and air conditioning unit, even though I haven’t had any trouble with it. Whenever I need to make a change to the indoor air quality settings, I simply whisper to the thermostat my request before trying to adjust the temperature dial. I’ve never been shocked yet, plus the thermostat regularly jumps into action after I make my request. I have never told anyone about my special regiment, fearing that I’ll be turned over to TLC. I try not to ever think about it. I just figure most people are too demanding for our very unusual HVAC system.