Is the HVAC causing my bills to be high

When our phone rang last year and an unknown number left us a very long message, I genuinely wasn’t expecting it to be a lawyer. After listening to the message I was suddenly made aware of a long lost uncle who had recently passed, and his sizable estate. Apparently, the man never married or had any children. He was a bit of a hermit, and he lived in a charming cabin located out on a lake, which he rarely left! Suddenly, I had an inheritance! Too bad the cabin was so far away that I never got to go visit it. In the following months there was some major mystery surrounding the place. It was supposed to be vacant, but I had been receiving energy bills for the property for several months. At first, I thought that the ComEd bill must have been in error, so I called to inquire about the supposed energy expenditure. They insisted that the bill was correct, and there were records of daily energy use at the cabin! For a while, I figured this must be “ghost” power usage, from appliances running in the background and whatnot, until this Wintertime rolled around. Suddenly as the outdoor air temperature dropped, the energy bills spiked through the roof! Now I knew something must be going on, so I cleared my schedule, got in the car, and drove 8 hours to the cabin. Upon arrival, I was shocked to find a ragged old man happily running the furnace and cooking an immense meal. I soon learned that our mysterious uncle had faked his own death, and had been very much alive, using the condo Heating and A/C system all along.

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