Mold growing inside of the a/c

Where I live, any summer day is potentially a real big scorcher and it usually does not cool down for months, on end. So in the south, air conditioners not only keep you cool inside, but they also help protect against serious maladies such as heat stroke.  Also, an air conditioner will filter out pollutants and allergens, and that is the very reason why it is so important to change the A/C filter on a regular basis. If you are prone to allergies, I would encourage you to have an air purification system added to your HVAC equipment for a higher, indoor air quality. A well-working air conditioning system is especially important to those with lung or heart disease and are struggling to breathe when the heat sets in and the air is hot.  However, without proper maintenance and care, air conditioners also have the potential to cause problems, especially when mold is growing inside your A/C unit, increasing your chances of having respiratory issues. That is just another reason why it is important to have an HVAC tune-up every year. The A/C service technician will easily spot any mold that tries to grow anywhere in your air conditioning and heating system. That same A/C technician can also clean your ductwork, removing any dust or debris that might be hiding in the air vents, ready to come down on you when you turn on the air conditioner. One more important task is to have that A/C technician change that A/C filter monthly, or he can show you how.

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