Need some new cooling filters

With Springtime being around the corner, it is time once again for our family’s big Springtime cleaning. We all make it a habit to wash the entire apartment from top to bottom once a year. We think it helps greatly with allergens from dust as well as other particles in the air in the house. Some people kind of think that an occasional dusting or vacuuming is enough to take care of the dust that builds up in a home, but that gets only at the surface level! Dust can build up in all the cracks as well as the crevices of a home and so you need to be able to get into all those spots to clean sometimes. It makes a difference in the long term when it comes to people who have dust allergies. We do our annual cleaning in the Springtime because it is the first time that we’re able to comfortably have our windows open after the long cold winter. Wintertime gets pretty brutal around here and after numerous months of having everything closed up and the wood burning fireplace going, there is plenty of stuff to wash out of the crooks and cracks of our home. Actually, one of the easier things to wash are air filters in the Heating, Ventilation, and the A/C system, and they don’t get cleaned as much as they should. Usually they get replaced even though it’s an easy task. The air filters sit is a slot in the ducts right next to the gas furnace. So the old air filter slides out and then you slide the new one in. It is that self-explanatory. It is much harder to wash out the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C ducts. You need a long broom-like tool to get all the way down them to clean them.

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