Night sweats and smart thermostat

Do you have night sweats, and wish you could control the thermostat from bed? Do you work-out and wish that the house could be cool when you walk in? Do you ever forget to turn off the HVAC system before you leave? These are all issues that I face. Most nights when I lie down in bed the temperature is in a comfortable range. At some point during the night, my body decides to heat up like a furnace. Then I have to wake up out of my sleep, make the long and dark trod down the hallway to adjust the thermostat on the air conditioner. If I had a smart thermostat I could avoid all of these things and control the HVAC system from my comfortable bed. Then, I think about the days when I am coming home from the gym, and my body just seems to be radiating its own heat. After getting home and starting the air conditioner, it usually takes time to cool down the house, and in turn cool me down. I would enjoy being able to turn on my thermostat when I am leaving the gym and the house could already be cool when I get there. A smart thermostat would be perfect for this, and this is why I need one. Also, with my job as a flight attendant most days I am rushing out of the door with bags in hand, which means I usually forget to turn the HVAC unit off. If I had a smart thermostat I would be able to control the system on the go. This would help me in lowering the cost of my HVAC bill. Only if I had a smart thermostat, it would make my life so much easier.

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