Taxes and money back

It’s the time to pay our taxes.  It doesn’t seem right, but we all have to do it?  I got through the deadline OK, but it wasn’t too much longer that I began to feel an uncomfortableness overwhelm me and a lack of air quality.  As I listen, I begin to sweat profusely and realize that the air conditioner is not working. It is bad enough that I have to sit through a tax appointment and pay money out, but now the warmth in this office was terrible without the air conditioning working.  I complained of the heat, but they said that they were used to the temperature control of their regular environment. By now, I am wondering why I should trust this company with my taxes if I can’t trust them to air condition the room that we are working in. Finally my tax preparer explained to me as she apologized, that the air conditioning unit was not sending the cool air out and that she had already contacted an HVAC repair company to come out and get the A/C working again.  She went on to explain that she noticed that the climate control was not where she wanted it, and yet the HVAC unit was running. However, it certainly did not feel like the A/C was on since it was not cooling. I took the liberty of reading the thermostat, and was not surprised at the high temperature, and thankfully it was at this time that the A/C service technician arrived, and I gladly said goodbye.

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