Too hot at the theme park

At first I was thrilled we had won season passes to the theme park nearby. For the entire summer vacation, my kids and I could go to the park as much as we wanted. We only needed to pay for our parking, and whatever food and drinks we wanted. All of the rides, as well as the animal enclosures, were covered 100%. The kids were beside themselves, and started planning to go every single day of the summer. As it turns out, the prize was better in conception than in execution, and I found myself wishing the passes were only good for one day! I am not as attached to my air conditioner as some people, even during the heat of the summer. That said, I do use AC every single day, in my office, my car, and in my home. Going out in the sun for an entire day with no AC at all did not seem like a big deal at first. But once I got to the park and I felt the way the pavement was heating up, I knew I was in trouble. Even with sunscreen my kids were all pink within an hour, as was I, and at that point we started searching for cooling. We sat inside a rainforest themed cafe for a half hour, sipping on soda and soaking in the air conditioning. After that we went to an indoor show, which was terrible, but at least it was air conditioned. Spending an entire day without any real cooling made my kids reconsider their desire to go back again so soon.

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