Window cooling unit as well

That’s it! I’ve had enough! I despise the way that I’m treated around here, and I’m done putting up with your nonsense! You don’t respect me and you can’t tell me what to do! Those are the last words I said to my parents yesterday when we had a huge blow up.  They are equally fed up with me, clearly, since they told me to get out of their house immediately. I’m going to show them, though. I’m moving out, and once I do, they’ll be begging for me to move back. My first point of action was to get a small AC unit. As long as I have shelter in addition to a source of indoor temperature control, I am good to go. I went to a local thrift store where I bought myself a used AC window unit, a hammer, in addition to a bunch of blankets. I found a small space heating system while I was there, and threw that in for good measure in case the temperature drops. Then I went work installing our little AC unit into my new home. It was so tough to lug that heavy cooling system up to my new room, and I made a bit of a mess dumping dirt as well as brown water out of the AC unit in doing so. I eventually got the cooling unit up and installed, though. I was even sure to use the correct hardware to secure the AC unit in the window, just like an adult would do. I plugged the thing in, and rejoiced as the cooling system pumped out chilly air. Then my mom knocked on the tree house door to tell me I’d better get out of their yard, as well.

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