Wiping down the HVAC device

If there is one thing that makes me crazy, it is someone that does not even understand how to be professional at their work. I am a server in a diner and if I were to act unprofessional with clients it would mean losing my my job entirely. It does not matter if the clients are at fault or even if they deserve it. If I act the wrong way toward them it is about me being unprofessional, not them deserving it. For better or for worse, that is the ultimate price of capitalism and the model to which we adhere in this nation. I bring this up about people being unprofessional at their jobs because the other day I had a nasty situation where I had to deal with a complete jerk that has no clue what it means to be professional. I had been having a major issue with the furnace on my Heating and A/C machine where it turned on and off on its own. As this is not the best way to have your furnace work, I called a local Heating and A/C supplier to have a professional come out and perform repairs on it. The person who showed up was dressed in a shaggy manner and looked like they had just woken up. This person had the worst smell and dragged mud into the residence because that was allegedly easier than wiping off their shoes. When I said something about their actions this person just rudely replied “Want me to leave then?” and looked at me with a blank expression. I replied sure and instantly called the Heating and A/C supplier to make a complaint about this person. I received an apology however would not be using that HVAC supplier any longer.

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