Hoping to improve our a/c

I went to visit my mother the other day. She is getting up there in age, and I’m trying to stop by more often, in case she needs anything and to spend some time with her. Dad always took care of her family when the siblings and I were young, so now it’s my turn to take care of her. As I’m walking through the house, just chatting with Mom, it doesn’t take too long before I start to sense an unusual warmth, so I asked if she felt the same way. Of course, my mother is a very mild mannered woman, so she often says she doesn’t need the a/c. Still, I felt warm and I didn’t want her to be uncomfortable, either! As the two of us continued to talk, she told me how sometimes she feels too warm in the middle of the day. With that, I wandered over to the thermostat to check the temperature settings, and I see that somehow, the thermostat setting is in the “On”, instead of the required “Auto”. It was just the fan running, with no actual cold air being generated! After I adjusted the setting on the thermostat back to “Auto”, we waited patiently for the air conditioner to kick back on, and it did. After a few minutes, I could feel a major difference in the conditions of the house. Of course, my mother doesn’t need the air conditioner on so much that she can become too chilled, so I adjusted the thermostat to a comfortable temperature level for her. I continued on our visit as I cautioned her not to adjust the thermostat again, since it is now perfect. We’ll see if she listens!

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