A tiny portable a/c

Once my dad passed away, my siblings and I decided that we wanted our mom to live a lot closer to us.  However, we also didn’t want her to stay alone all of the time, so we decided to fix up the guest home on my property so she might live in it.  She was completely on board with that idea, however the guest home did need a bunch of work. One of the main things I was concerned about having replace before she moved in was an air conditioner.  Before, the only cooling system out there was the small window device air conditioner. It always had to overwork in order to keep the place cool, so I decided to upgrade and get a modern Heating and Air Conditioning device installed.  However after doing some research, I found a system that seemed like it would do well for the size of house. It cost a bit of money to have that done because I had to get the air ducts installed, but I knew we were doing it for mom. Summers where both of us live can be so incredibly hot and I wanted to have the peace of mind of being sure that she could always stay cool on a scorcher of a day.  Now that she’s all moved in, she has been really loving the space. It’s an enjoyable size for her, and it’s nice having her living nearby. The cooling system was what was needed because now the little house stays comfortable. All in all, the decision to have her to live here has been an enjoyable one, so my siblings and I both were glad that we did it.

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