Not losing energy with this a/c device

When we bought our cozy little house, we wanted to make the den larger and more accomodating. The contractor who built the house must have used the den as an office, since the room is much smaller than any of the other rooms. There aren’t any windows either! My bestie was working for a plumbing contractor, and he knew a lot of guys in the construction industry that could help with rebuilding the room. It took a few months since we bought supplies a little at a time, but eventually, we made the section into a single large laundry area. With several kids under us at all times, having a laundry room is legitimately helpful, but unfortunately we couldn’t get any fresh air into the room. Like I said, the room did not have any windows. We wanted to add A/C to the room to encourage airflow, and with the washer and dryer always running, a nice mini-split heating and a/c system would work perfectly! My bestie installed the mini-split Heating, Ventilation, and A/C component on his own, with the most intrusive portion being the creation of a small square hole in the wall. Setting up the mini-split Heating, Ventilation, and A/C unit was fairly painless for him, since part of the component is outside the house, and part is indoors. It wasn’t cheap, but it did help immensely to supply a good deal of comfort in that area! Plus, the mini-split Heating, Ventilation, and A/C component is also incredibly energy efficient. Our electric bill isn’t too much higher from using it. I think I’m going to enjoy our house much more with the addition of the mini-split system! We’re finally starting to get all of the boxes unpacked, and the laundry room has plenty of shelves for storage which will be helpful in the future. I’m excited, and I believe the kids are excited to finally have a nice backyard to play in, too!

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