Our cooling system was on the fritz

I suppose there’s something so fun about taking a road trip at the last hour.  Periodically, when I get in from my job on a Friday, and I want to escape, that’s exactly what I do.  Last month, I decided I was heading to the beach because I haven’t been able to go all summer season. When I hit the road, I had no plan on where I was going to stay when I arrived, so I landed at one of the first hotels I came across in the beach town.  It was a nice place, but as I made it to my assigned room I found the cooling system wasn’t working at all. There was a leak so the floor all around the window was drenched. I decided to take my things down to the front desk to inquire if I could get a new room. The front desk clerk was quite apologetic, she was embarrassed about the air conditioner issues.  She assured me that I would be assigned a new room with an air conditioner that worked for sure. To make things even that much better, she put me to in suite! The new room had a bedroom as well as a kitchen that was separate from the living area. The new room would have been double the cost of the other one. So, I considered myself lucky to have had those cooling system issues. I don’t suppose that I’d like to have to run into that sort of problem again, but it paid off as I was given a free suite!  It made my weekend getaway that much better!

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