AC unit repair

Growing up living with our wonderful dad and mom, I was consistently so bored in the summer… All I would do was vegetate and watch tv shows all day and waiting for the occasion to go have one of our older siblings drive me somewhere else. So when I was finally seasoned enough to snag a job, I sprung on the opportunity. My first way of earning money was doing yard job the local turf service business. I would take care of the grass, cut the tree limbs, and so on. It was a physical work, but it kept me out of trouble and it paid ok, but one day, our boss asked me to go to his place and help him service an seasoned A/C unit. I had never done any job on a gas oil furnace, so I agreed to help and also informed him that I did not know anything about heaters. The seasoned unit had just stopped working not too long before, and it was emitting a unusual stench. I was curious if a terrible stench was a normal thing with heating and cooling units of this age. When our boss finally got the heater opened up, both of us ended up finding a surprise inside. It turned out that the trash can that was placed adjacent to the A/C unit had overflowed and spilled tons of gunk into the unit, causing the heater to shut off and stink up the whole property, and no wonder it was so cold in there! My boss and I cleaned out the heater and finally got it up and running, it’s wonderful to have such a fun and meaningful job and learn lifelong skills as well.