Long drive and cooling

One Summer ago, my boyfriend Danny plus I took a road trip to a romantic town on a scenic beach.  Danny and I had both been severely busy with work plus class the entire year, plus both of us finally made a choice to take a chance plus enjoy a nice beach.  Danny and I wanted to go driving down the river and see the beach 10 minutes away. After a long day of this, both of us arrived at our hotel after the sunshine went down plus just wanted to enjoy a refreshing sleep in our bed.  Danny and I got out of the car plus stepped into a hot, sticky evening. Danny and I got room service, so both of us got our key plus hurried into our room to love the nice, weather conditions-controlled air. How wonderful! Luckily, the hotel had turned on the air conditioning in our room before him and I arrived, plus so our room was a perfect 71 degrees when both of us got in.  This was great night for us. While I was in the car, our vehicle’s air conditioning system was not working at full capacity, plus so Danny and I both built up a sweat on the drive over. After staying in the nice air conditioning for about a half a min, both of us both took showers plus changed into some cool clothes. All of us ordered some room service, plus when I opened the door for the delivery dude, a blast of hot, humid air came into the room.  I paid the delivery dude plus hurried his back out the door, so Danny and I could keep our cool air-conditioned air in plus the hot air out.