needed more heating

This past Saturday morning, I had fallen sick with a bacterial infection and had to miss class for a few days. I sent SMSs to our educators and let them know that I wouldn’t be in class. They were all pretty kind about it, mostly due to the fact that in our numerous years of school I had never not been in class class due to any type of bacterial infection. To be quite frank, I would rather be studying in school all day than be stuck in our dorm room with a bacterial infection. Not only is it so boring, but it’s so arctic here. Living up in the northern section of the country, no matter how efficient your oil furnace is, you will still be feeling as if you are in the arctic if the insulation is poor. That is exactly the scenario I found myself in. I would bundle up in layers of quilts and crank up the gas oil furnace, even though I was still like an arctic dweller. This surely wasn’t helping me recover. Luckily for me, our kind parents came and picked me up to take me condo to their beautifully-insulated home until I got rid of the bacterial infection. At home, there is an amazing heating and cooling system along with deluxe radiant floors spreading all over the entire home they could warm up even the most frozen guy. Sitting next to the fireplace next to our border collie, I am finally warm and cozy. I’m sure that i’ll be feeling healthy again very soon. I wish that the Heating and A/C business that installed the radiant floors inside our mother and father’s home would come and install heated floors over at the dorm rooms.

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