Renovating the HVAC

You know those neighbors you deal with from time to time? You know who I’m talking about; they’re the people who have to have the best of everything. The nicest lawns, the freshest paint on their homes and cars, and the most luxurious appliances possible for their home. They’re the “try-hard” family, always feeling compelled to make sure you know how much better they are than you. In our neighborhood, it’s the newly married couple from another town – we’ll call them the Smiths! See, the Smiths bought the most luxurious home in our area after it went on the market. This palace of a house has five bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, a huge garage and a pool in the backyard. The icing on the cake is the extensive renovation to the HVAC system they implemented shortly before moving in. And how would I know all this? I’m one of the HVAC techs that helped with the renovation! The Smiths wanted to improve their old central air conditioning system, so they paid extreme money to remove the outdoor air conditioning cabinet, and instead install a geothermal heat pump. This required excavating much of their backyard, which was problematic given the large pool, and the nature of installing the geothermal heat pipes. These pipes would connect to a pump, which would circulate the water in the pipes deep into the earth where the soil is a more constantly cool temperature during the Summer and warmer in the Winter. This heat pump system is incredibly energy-efficient, and the pump itself is small enough to fit on a shelf within a closet!  Despite such efficiency and convenience, the downfall, of course, is the extensive cost in implementing such a system. Apparently, it wasn’t too pricey for the Smiths – they bragged about at their open house barbecue after moving in!

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