Zoned heating for brother

A few days ago, my brother Tony decided to drive up north to live with me, after growing up, Tony was consistently that man wearing tanks in the cold as well as laughing when anyone complained they were icy. But it seems his time in the south has gotten to him, however now he wears coats in the modern home when it’s a perfectly nice fall time, as well as complains always about being freezing in the winter. But, when he turns up the temperature device, most people get so hot they’re woken up in the night covered in perspiration. Our rental property doesn’t have Heater, Ventilation as well as A/C use, so there’s no way for Tony to just heat up his room. I got so sick of most people arguing I ended up giving him my high-priced electric space furnace to use. I obtained it many years back when I was renting a room at friends modern home that had no heating, unlike other space heaters, the equipment piece  I offered him uses state of the art infrared technology. This allows the electric furnace to put out warmer air without drying out the room. It’s so nice it can heat a dining room in just 12 minutes or less. It even has a temperature control setting, so it turns itself off when it comes to it, just love our central oil furnace does, but ever since I offered Tony that space heater, he never complains about the winters being too chilly for him.

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