A good fix to heating

It’s once again just about that time here … you can guess it in the air on the cool afternoons with that gentle breeze coming from the east… Winter time is coming. Fall is knocking on our door. Frosty weeks will be here in absolutely no time at all. That will signify a lot of things to a lot of people – the satisfaction of a full Thanksgiving feast with your family, or the wonder of the first snowy day, the warmth of a festive Winter time holiday. Also, clearing off snowy driveways, so cold as you crawl into your bed at night, plus longing for heat in any way, shape, or form. That’s why the top of my normal Fall to-do list always has 1 bold bullet point; Get Boyfriend. I do not care for that 1. In fact, the Winter time is the only time of year that I ever want to go through the whole horse plus pony show. It’s for our survival, really. It’s not that I even want a boyfriend, so much as I need a sizzling companion to keep me living through the brutal cold plus keep my spirits high when hot plus cold temperatures are so low. It’s taxing for me to get comfortable with people, plus I’m not exactly “touchy,” however when it’s -15 degrees outside I’m surprisingly friendly. Suddenly I understand the appeal of sleeping right next to someone at night – for the sizzling cuddles when you have to turn the oil furnace off in the night. I guess better about the ice cold afternoons when I have to heat up my motorcar plus help dig out the snow, because I’m cold my butt off with someone else. I guess my like will chill off when the temperature rises, however a hot romance while I was in a chilly Winter season is the only way to make it every year.