Car air conditioner saving flowers

I was getting really nervous as the onset of my wedding came closer.  We had guests coming from all over the country. Mom and dad had already told all of that family that  our home was not going to be open for family to stay. I needed as much space as I could get because my wedding was going to be in the backyard and I wanted room to get the wedding party dressed.  I was sure that everyone understood, until my grandparents showed up. Grandpa had rented a small travel trailer and he wanted to park in the driveway. Mom was getting ready to tell him no when I intervened.  I told grandma my plans and she said they planned on sleeping in the trailer. She told me that we wouldn’t even know they were there because they had all of the amenities of home, including air conditioning. Mom changed her mind and told them it was okay, but they had to back into the driveway to hide the air conditioning unit.  The next day, we had so much to do, including getting dressed. When we picked up the flowers, there were way too many to fit in the refrigerator and we couldn’t put them out in the yard because they would die before the wedding. Grandpa came in when he saw the flowers and he offered their trailer. He said they could turn the thermostat down to sixty and put them right in front of the air vents.  I was so grateful for grandma and grandpa, and extremely glad they had rented the trailer..

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