Complaining about the HVAC

I consider myself absolutely fortunate to have a job that I enjoy, with location & hours which are ideal. The work is challenging enough to keep me stimulated separate from being overly stressful. There are a small number of co-workers, & each one is a joy to work with. So I hate to complain, however the heating & cooling system is genuinely sub-standard. I realize that there isn’t such a thing as the perfect job – or the perfect anything – for that matter. But given the day in which every one of us live where heating & cooling systems are top-notch, I just can’t help being a bit frustrated. The property owner that every one of us rent from is genuinely quite attentive to our needs, however no matter how many times that there’s a problem with the HVAC system, once she calls in the HVAC business to address the issue, it never seems to be resolved. The building was built in 1964, so it’s not all that old. As a matter of fact, last year the boiler was updated, which prompted months of tweaking by the HVAC guys, with lots of follow-up service calls. They were just as nice as could be, however they were just a bit distracting with their many visits. If only the system improved once they were done – however it didn’t! The more than three distinct seasons in our section of the country allow for the Springtime & fall climate to be quite comfortable, with no assistance required from the boiler or the air conditioner. But the summers are hot & humid & the winters are bitterly cold. So in the summer, the HVAC system absolutely does not cool off the building sufficiently. And in the winter, the same is tplot – except, of course, it’s the heat that isn’t sufficient. I do hate to complain, but….

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