Freezing over HVAC

If there’s a single piece of advice I could provide you, it’s this: When you tour a property that you’re thinking about buying, make sure you check the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment thoroughly! I can’t stress that enough. When my fiance and I bought our first property over a decade ago, we were so thrilled to be homeowners that we skipped some essential steps in the research process, just so we could get the venue and have the keys! It wasn’t until we moved in the following week that we noticed something was seriously off with our cooling system. At first, it was as if the equipment was just working at a whisper and circulating only small amounts of cool air at a time. The next time the A/C equipment cycled on, it sounded as though a bunch of A/C units started at the same time, and the airflow swiftly spiked as chilly air came flying through the property! It was rather annoying, as it happened throughout the day and night! Eventually we contacted this heating and a/c equipment repair firm in town, and told them about what was going on. They sent a worker to our property a day or two later, and I was absolutely surprised at what the worker was able to find. Apparently, the compressor for our a/c condenser was always freezing over, then thawing out so air could blow through the property at a cooler temperature. This was caused by the outdoor A/C component being surrounded by a wooden fence, which the previous owners put up to hide their A/C equipment. The worker said we had to get rid of the fence, or be adjusted so there was numerous feet of empty section between the fence and the condenser. I’m just happy the worker was able to figure out the cause, and hastily take care of it! Otherwise, we would have been pretty miserable in our attractive property with terrible Heating and Air Conditioning equipment.

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