high heat and no ac is bad

I was reading once, where the statement was made that there are crimes perpetrated during the hot summer months than any other time of the year.  I also noticed that the book was written long before air conditioning was affordable for every home. Now that there is air conditioning in nearly every home and office, I wonder what the statistics would be now.  It is true that the advent of Air conditioning has changed a lot for our comfort. I grew up in the Southwestern part of the US and I’ve got to tell you, that it was hot there. We couldn’t afford to have central air conditioning.  All we had, was a window air conditioner to keep the entire house cool. There were many nights that we were unable to sleep because of the heat and how uncomfortable we were. I’m not sure we were grumpy and violent, but I know that I wasn’t always in the best of moods.  Now that air conditioning is so widespread, I’m sure that if our air conditioning were to go out, I would be downright miserable. To have sweat the night out and then go out and face people who seem to never be in a good mood, could make a person quite irritable. Maybe it is worse today because we are so used to having the air conditioning.  Maybe it doesn’t have anything to do with the air conditioning, but just the change in the attitude of people. I’m just glad that I have air conditioning and questioning whether my attitude is lack of sleep or lack of AC is not an issue.

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