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My cousin Greg has typically been real handy plus when he took a task entirely working for a local furniture manufacturer, I entirely wasn’t shocked. He was typically pretty wonderful with electronics despite the idea that I had no method that he had an interest in wood working as well. Greg worked as an apprentice for almost half the year in the carpentry department before he was hired on full-time, when I asked my brother what his preferred part of the task was he said that it was entirely doing work with customized furniture. My brother Greg said entirely working with the usual stuff that the company produced was rather dull because it was similar to any line task work where not one thing ever changed. But, when it came to customized pieces that needed to be a real size or condition in at least challenged is creative abilities. Creating a customized piece is more than just tearing down the edges, involves many dimensional changes to make sure that it doesn’t look disproportionate or like something is incorrect. He said you cannot just take a couch plus cut off the ends without making it look like there was an error in the manufacturing to begin with. Greg said that everything about the piece has to be changed by the same amount including the size of the cushions. I know that is why ordering a customized size in furniture is more overpriced. Greg said that there is a entire design team to help them with all the customized items that come in as orders from the furniture shops.

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