I was looking to buy something new

My brother has always been very handy and when he took a job working for a local furniture manufacturer, I really wasn’t surprised. He was always pretty good with electronics but I had no idea that he had an interest in woodworking as well. He worked as an apprentice for almost 6 months in the carpentry Department before he was hired on full-time. When I asked him what his favorite part of the job was he said that it was working with customized furniture. He said working with the standard stuff that the company produced was rather boring because it was similar to any line work job where nothing ever changed. However, when it came to customized pieces that needed to be a specific size or shape in at least challenged is creative abilities. Creating a customized piece is more than just cutting down the sides, involves many dimensional changes to make sure that it doesn’t look disproportionate or like something is wrong. He said you can’t just take a couch and cut off the ends without making it look like there was a mistake in the manufacturing to begin with. He said that everything about the piece has to be changed by the same amount including the size of the cushions. I guess that is why ordering a customized size in Furniture is more costly. He said that there is a entire design team to help them with all the customized pieces that come in as orders from the furniture stores. His favorite part of the job is making custom tables.  He loves working with different types of wood and finishes and is always proud of the finished product. He says that he wishes he could see the customer’s faces when the pieces he creates are delivered to them. I am happy for him and the fact that he loves his job so much. Maybe I can talk him into building something for me someday.

custom coffee table