Love that the HVAC uses ductwork

Having HVAC duct in your property is a rather sizable plus. Ductwork is not cheap in the least, and swiftly becomes an unforeseen yet massive expense if lengths of HVAC duct have to be replaced for some bizarre reason. I suppose that I completely came unglued when I was told that rats chewed through multiple joints in our property’s HVAC duct, and was supplied with an estimate for the replacement of the ducts. Not to mention, I had to pay for a Heating and A/C equipment professional to come through every several months, and thoroughly wash out the entirety of the ductwork to be sure there were no hidden piles of dust and debris, or any “uninvited guests” that shouldn’t have been in there to start with! When I moved into our following property, I was grateful to learn that the property only used a window-mounted A/C unit! I truly understand how silly that sounds, but I was so sick of having to wash up the ducts every few months. I loved that window A/C equipment, as it was positioned in the bedroom of our property. As long as I was in the bedroom, I would be absolutely chilled and get the best sleep. Eventually though, the window-mounted A/C equipment died on me, and I had a precious option to either buy a new window unit, or try something new completely. After researching all of the options online, I found that the best route to take would be a ductless mini-split heating and cooling system. As the name implies, this was a split system that didn’t require ducts to operate! It was more powerful and functional than an official window A/C unit, but not as great as a conventional central A/C system. I loved the very idea of it, especially since installing this type of equipment can be handled by anyone with the respected tools and proper know-how.

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