No cooling in the whole country

When I was finally able to travel Europe, I was so excited.  The whole trip was phenomenal, but I was really upset to find out that there wasn’t any air conditioning over there.  I think I began to consider air conditioning as normal as having an inside bathroom and running water. I stayed in a couple of hotels that really didn’t need any air conditioning.  The windows opened and there was a steady cool breeze blowing into the room. There were others that were, even with the cool breeze, so warm that I wasn’t able to sleep. Most of the shops didn’t have any air conditioning, either.  I was talking to some of the local people, and they told the that air conditioning was too expensive to get, and they were used to not having it. It made me realize that I was used to having AC but they weren’t. I told myself that I wasn’t going to be one of those Americans who went abroad, and then came back and did all kinds of complaining.  I am not complaining, but I am trying to tell you my take on how I enjoyed the Europe countryside. I honestly feel that not having air conditioning is a little bit of part of the fun of the trip. I do have to admit that I was ready to go home I missed my cats and my home. I do plan on coming back to Europe sometime in the future. I want to come back in the fall, this time, and experience the countryside from a different perspective than in the summer.