Want a better heating device

I totally prefer the fireplace in my living room, but my husband as well as myself recently found out that it was about to fall into Rebel. The two of us haven’t had the fireplace examined in a long time, but the two of us were starting to see pieces of red brick Concrete in the fireplace. My hubby as well as myself had to hire a chimney sweep to investigate our problems. The two of us quickly found out that our fireplace was in major need of Renovations. In order to get the fireplace up to code as well as working perfectly, the two of us had to hire a specialty chimney building service. The two of us did not want to go without our furnace, as the two of us really love this for romantic evenings. The two of us spoke to our contractor about many options, as well as ultimately decided to purchase an electric fireplace for our home. The electric fireplace meant not having to worry so much about the chimney as well as it’s stop. The electric fireplace would be perfect for our home, and would require energy from the two of us. It was absolutely a part of the winter, trying to make sure that our fireplace had plenty of wood at all times. The two of us try very hard to use the fireplace as our main heating Source, in order to save lots of dollars over the winter seasonal times. The two of us would not want to have any other problems arise, since we just finished that remodel project.