Adding more to the HVAC comfort

Although I’ve constantly been pretty good about taking care of the gas furnace and air conditioner in our home, I will admit that I’ve totally neglected the duct system.  I simply never provided it a thought. I usually hire professional maintenance for the heating unit in the fall, and repeat the expensive process in the Spring for the cooling unit.  The Heating & A/C dealers I hired never mentioned upkeep for the HVAC duct. I eventually started to notice a rise in each passing weekly bill, decrease in comfort and concerns with air quality.  During the frigid winter, I kept raising the temperature control setting and yet the tiny house felt chilly. There were unpleasant cold spots in particular rooms, and drafts from every window. The heated air smelled bad, and there was a lot more loose dust floating around.  I finally called up a local Heating & A/C dealer and explained to them the problems. The serviceman checked the duct plan and informed myself and others in a little bit that there were several holes and leaks at the seams. These seemingly inconsequential imperfections were allowing the heated air to escape and bringing in masses of unconditioned and polluted outside air.  This forced the gas furnace to struggle consistently and run longer, trying to keep up with demand. I hired the Heating & A/C dealer to fully complete a duct sealing process. He sealed off all of the supply and return air flow registers and pumped a combination of pressurized air and little adhesive particles into the ducts. As the adhesive particles escaped one by one through the holes, they built up to gradually create a slim seal in the gap.  The duct sealing process was completed quite abruptly, with no mangling damage to the plan or disruption to our house. The Heating & A/C dealer then went back, tested the ducts and verified the results.

HVAC ducts