Zone control cooling in the church

They were legitimately having some problems at our synagogue this morning with our HVAC system. I’m not sure what’s wrong with it, however from the time I stepped in the doors this morning, I was freezing! The weather outside has been cooling off over the past few days, plus the temperature outside today was legitimately cold. I don’t think if the maintenance guys at the synagogue ever adjusted the zone control HVAC idea at the synagogue or not. Not only was it freezing around the bimah, however my young gentlemen said that it was freezing in the boys’ Hebrew class as well. Then my oldest daughter said that the air coming through the air vents in her Friday Hebrew classroom felt as though it was actually air from the air conditioning instead of from the oil furnace love it should have been! She said that during her class, all of the students wanted to wear their sizable Winter time coat. Usually, that doesn’t happen. I think that the janitor plus the maintenance guys at the synagogue were working on the heating idea all while I was in worship, although I don’t think that they ever got the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C idea squared away. By the time the service came to a close over an hour plus a half later, it still felt as though the air conditioning was running throughout the interior of the synagogue. Normally, I’m tepid natured plus I don’t mind when it’s chilly inside a building, however today it was just a little bit too freezing for my liking! I hope they mend the oil furnace for next week!