Cold rooms with the heater on

One pain in my rear end is those cold spots in my house! Occasionally this is due to circumstances that can’t be resolved with improved furnaces, such as bad weatherstripping or sealing, & a lack of typical insulation in the walls and ceiling! It’s really frustrating to deal with those cold spots, especially when that cold spot is in your study room! Thankfully, I was able to resolve my major cold spot issue with a multi-pronged approach… First, I worked with a heating and air conditioner specialist in the local neighborhood that checked my place to locate any other freezing or cold spots, he said that I need to have the stripping on the windows redone, and have insulation installed in my attic; Who would’ve thought that I never had insulation in the roof? No wonder it was so freezing cold! After that, the Heating, Ventilation and A/C specialist then recommended a high-efficiency heating approach to keep my study room warm and cozy, however without heating the entire house. His suggestion was a cove heater, which functions the same as a radiator! It’s a not visible appliance that hangs on the wall by the ceiling, and provides heat in a directional flow. I had a cove furnace installed over my bed in the study room, as this can be hardwired to the home for power and controlled by a single thermostat in the study room. How amazing is that? With the new insulation, improved sealing on windows in my study room and the cove furnace providing light however consistent heat, I saw a huge difference in the comfort and temperature of my study room! The freezing cold spots had finally been finally defeated, and I was able to get a great night’s rest for the first time in a while.

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