Want fresh cooling in the house

When you’re dealing with 8 months of 95 degree weather, you tend to get a little crazy from having to lock yourself indoors with the A/C system set at full blast! That’s how it was for me at the very least, as I could never seem to cool off enough to just relax and enjoy about myself unless I stayed directly under a ventilation point in my house. I’ve had my A/C system checked by an HVAC specialist various times, and most recently the specialist told me that my system is simply too old to keep up with it anymore. The obvious solution is to replace the air condenser that sits outside, right? Well, if you didn’t know, a big old A/C compressor and condenser combo is many thousand dollars! I don’t know about you, although I don’t just have that sitting around here… Thankfully, my furnace was tuned up by the Heating, Ventilation and A/C specialist during his visit, so I know that component will work effortlessly through the winter. That works out, too, as I’m pretty hot in the body by nature and don’t need a ton of extra heating to stay warm, but hopefully I can put together the funds by January to buy a brand new, on sale, but up-to-date and working A/C compressor and condenser unit, or I’m going to be in for an irritated summer! Then again, I could constantly just buy a window-mounted A/C component to keep the critical rooms in my apartment cool and comfy. It would still be a costly purchase, and only a band-aid or temporary fix for the situation, but it’ll beat dropping thousands of dollars on a whole up-to-date A/C system. I need to think about it a lot more to see for sure.

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