AC when I work out

I am cucko when it comes to working out. I work out once a day in addition to have targeted spots on my body for each afternoon. There is an arm time, butt time in addition to tummy time. I even do some work on strength, balance in addition to core work for particular days. I have gotten so worried that I now have even considered the temperature control while in our workout. The temperature you are at really deals with how productive you are. For instance, working out inside is good because there is A/C. I can do a better work out with the cooling idea on. I am less likely to get sick of it or slip because I am hot. The con is that the air conditioner makes it hard to get into the work out. I spend a great amount of the exercise time warming up. I need to get my whole body to where heavy AC is comfortable. When I go outdoors, I am starting at a nice temperature. I don’t need the A/C for the start of it, however outside I get super hot in addition to sleepy however, and having no AC then in addition to only hot sun makes me give up quicker. Although, I get more of a sweat on. Since there are too many benefits for both, I rotate going outside and then not going outside. I periodically get AC in addition to have to really work cardio to get warm.

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